The workgroup for the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the municipality of Aalten is committed to celebrating our freedom TOGETHER, within the municipality of Aalten. The members of the workgroup are your point of contact if you want to organise an event and/or merge it with the events of others. The members of the workgroup will come up with ideas and can put you in contact with other organisations.

Working group 75 years of liberation of the municipality of Aalten

Jan ter Haar

My name is Jan ter Haar, and I live in Lintelo. I provide training and coaching for companies and institutions in the field of communication and leadership. I am also a psychotherapist and have my practice at home. I have been chairman of the Aalten Promotion Foundation since 2014 and organise various events for this purpose. I also organise football training camps to Turkey, Italy and Germany. On behalf of the municipality of Aalten, I am the primary contact person for the town centres; for example, I advise on empty shop premises.


Steffan Rexwinkel

My name is Steffan Rexwinkel, and I live in Dinxperlo. I have been working as a social worker in Dinxperlo since 2003. First at the Social Cultural Centre and later at Figulus Welzijn. I enjoy my work. I enjoy connecting and supporting fun initiatives and working with the residents. Working together towards a goal where everyone can do their bit. Of course, celebrating 75 years of freedom together is part of this.


Richard Jongetjes

My name is Richard Jongetjes, and I have been working as talent connector for the municipality of Aalten since September 2017. My job involves connecting organisations and groups, but also individuals. Among other things, I organise ‘stimulus projects' to connect people. Before this job, I worked in the music and festival industry for almost 20 years. The last ten years I also worked as a high school teacher at Windesheim in Zwolle. In addition, I have my own company, Glimlach producties, an organising and consulting firm focused on education, culture and welfare.